Vacation Activities: The Texas State Aquarium

Looking for an educational and fun activity to do while on vacation in Corpus Christi? The Texas State Aquarium is a great place to start. With daily shows, animal feedings, “hands on” programs with sharks and stingrays, and more, it’s no wonder that the Aquarium is a popular tourist attraction. Here are the highlights!

See Underwater

The Aquarium has 13 exhibits available. At Dolphin Bay, you can see Shadow and Kai, two Atlanta bottlenose dolphins or visit them at the educational dolphin presentation where you can talk to their trainers and learn about how to protect and conserve the world’s oceans.

The Islands of Steel exhibit shows how a habitat forms around an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The exhibit shows how manmade structures can become part of the ocean habitat and raises awareness about the Rigs to Reefs program.

At the Floating Phantoms exhibit you can see a variety of jellyfish and sea nettle, most of which can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. The Flower Gardens exhibits gives you a glimpse of what a coral reef would look like, like the one 200 miles off the coast!

Above Water

At the Otter Creek exhibit you can meet Merlin and Ari, two North American River Otters, and learn about these highly intelligent animals. Learn about the challenges facing the American Alligator and meet Bo, the 10-foot alligator and his friends at the Swamp Tales exhibit.

The Nearshore exhibit is the first exhibit that you’ll encounter at the Aquarium and immerses you into the sights and sounds of the shoreline. Learn about nearshore environments and how important they are to marine and bird life.

The Texas State Aquarium is active in the rehabilitation of wildlife whether it’s aquatic life or birds of prey. In the Eagle Pass exhibit, you can meet Grace, a bald eagle, and other birds of prey and learn about these majestic creatures. And in the Tortuga Cay exhibit you can meet the sea turtles and amphibians and learn about each resident of Tortuga Cay in the Turtle Tales presentation.

At the Wild Flight Theatre, you can see highly entertaining and informative presentations featuring a variety of birds and learn about wildlife conservation.

Interact and Learn

Three of the exhibits are very interactive. Living Shores has several touch pools, aquariums and interactive kiosks that help you learn about the different habitats of Padre Island bays and estuaries. You can touch and even feed stingrays at the Stingray Lagoon. Track tagged sharks in real time, learn about their anatomy and biology, and more at the Saving Sharks exhibit.

Parking, Pricing, Deals.

Parking is $5.00 per vehicle. The price of admission depends on age, and we highly recommend purchasing online for a discounted price.

If you plan on visiting multiple times per year or you visit aquariums and zoos multiple times a year, you should consider getting a membership. A membership gives you free parking & free admission for one year, plus discounts at participating zoos and aquariums in Texas and beyond (like Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, GA or Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada) and more. Learn more here.

Come visit Padre Island & Corpus Christi!

The Padre Island / Corpus Christi area is full of fun, family activities, like the Aquarium. If you’ve been considering planning a vacation at Padre Island, now is the time to start planning. And when you’re looking for accommodations, check out our Padre Island beach rentals – the comforts of home in a dream location.


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